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  • Hail Empress Sample Chapter
    Hail Empress Sample Chapter
    Animals & Pets by: Adam Pasztory

    Chapter 2 from the upcoming Rikkii Ruutu novel.

  • Immortal Rising
    Immortal Rising
    Adventure by: Morgan Cole

    Immortal Rising is the first installment of the Shadows Bound Trilogy. This book tells basic background and current events. Please give me your feedback so I can make book II and III better reads.

  • Jamie
    Romance by: Jessicarae Casey

    Jamie Peterson is finally done with school for the year. She finally opens herself up to love someone when an ex lover comes back.

  • John Henry Sanders
    John Henry Sanders
    History by: Dennis Ray Garner

    The information in the Family Tree Book was given to me from different family members of: (John Henry Sanders) to my best knowledge the information is correct and if not please contact me so that if any more books is printed it can be corrected. This...

  • Powerfirmations For Jessica Carter
    Powerfirmations For Jessica Carter
    Biography by: By Michael Murphy

    Powerfirmations For Jessica Carter

  • Powerful Attitudes
    Powerful Attitudes
    Self-Improvement by: Michael Murphy

    “Powerful Attitudes is one of the very best guides you will ever find. It goes beyond self-help to total transformation. To lead the maximum life with minimum strife, you need a new game plan and this is it. Michael provides a treasure trove of fresh...

  • How To Pray Prayers God Always Answers
    How To Pray Prayers God Always Answers
    Religion by: Michael Murphy

    Use this practical guide to learning how to pray prayers that God always answers.

  • My Writing Portfolio
    My Writing Portfolio
    Recreation & Hobby by: Kun Leng

    All pieces in this book are my original works. Although some might not look very professional, I just love the feeling of picking up my pen and scribbling whatever is in my mind on the paper. Then a promising outlook of future materializes in front o...

  • The Genie Next Door
    The Genie Next Door
    Recreation & Hobby by: Kun Leng

    Ugh,please, God, let them take a brief look at me now! ATTENTION HERE: my dear college admission officers!

  • Fairy Tale Ending
    Fairy Tale Ending
    Science by: Michael Murphy

    A Collection of Short Stories by Michael Murphy

  • Wrong
    Youth by: Elaine L. Davis

    Nick is determind to win his ex girlfriend Ashleigh back into his life. He is sure his plan is foolproof as he knows Ashleigh still loves him, so hard can it be?

  • After Fighting
    After Fighting
    Adventure by: Kobus Huisamen

    Life after your fight career.