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    Romance by: Teresa Beck

    This book is about a young romance,that two people share together and truely learned the meaning of marriage vows,but even though they go through rough times,it only makes there love for one another grow stronger....

  • Hillsboro
    Romance by: Scott Grimes

    After a devastating terrorist attack on the United States, two college students vow to help to help each other stay alive and to find their families. Doing so, they end up falling in love.

  • Love Without Sensuality
    Love Without Sensuality
    Romance by: Subhajeet Mukherjee

    This book is a supernatural love story of the writer himself. Writer is a high school graduate. Note for the readers by the writer: Hello! this is a book which is based on my love story. I'm just a beginner in this case! So, you can't expect my qual...

  • blackberry case
    blackberry case
    Business by: Anonymous


  • Shop Calvinism: The Westminster Standards
    Shop Calvinism: The Westminster Standards
    Religion by: Red Beetle

    This is the greatest short explanation of Christianity ever produced by fallible men. It is English Calvinism / Presbyterianism at its best! It was the theology that swept Catholicism out of England. It was the theology that was brought to America ...

  • Into Lives
    Into Lives
    General Fiction by: Bernard Red

    There is no such thing as normalcy in life. Especially in the lives of Susie, Jobe, Amber, and Jenetra. This piece of work takes you into the lives of very human characters in some very inhumane situations and events.

  • Notes
    Reference by: Rob Culver


  • In Tomorrow's World: Money who needs it
    In Tomorrow's World: Money who needs it
    Business by: I Que

    If you're concerned about the recent downturn in events; finance depreciation, job loses and share prices falling, together with previous well-established businesses failing? Well you're not alone!

  • The Princess Ilsée A Fairy Tale
    The Princess Ilsée A Fairy Tale
    Youth by: A.T. Davis

    This book is a reprinting of a fairy tale originally published anonymously in 1867.

  • Happiness
    Biography by: David Bruce

    Talented writers congregate in Athens, Ohio. This is a collection of some of their humorous autobiographical essays.

  • Fairy Tales
    Fairy Tales
    Youth by: A. J. Parker

    A personal christmas gift to friends and family, 2007 - A collection of fairy tales by myself and Arthur Rackham pictures.

  • Focus on Family Creative Writing Group
    Focus on Family Creative Writing Group
    Biography by: Focus on Family Coleraine

    From a creative writing group with a difference in Northern Ireland