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  • The Book of Scary
    The Book of Scary
    Horror-Gothic by: Emily Tarbox

    Emily studied at Archway Academy from 2014-2015 in this time Emily gained many new friends and also gained qualifications. Emily left Archway Academy having achieved the Student of the Year Award. This is a collection of some of the very best creativ...

  • Death Cloud
    Death Cloud
    Horror-Gothic by: WG Marsh

    Death Cloud

  • Lori Ann's House: Dips to Die For
    Lori Ann's House: Dips to Die For
    Food & Recipes by: Lori Ann Kimble

    Everyone knows that good dips get the fun started. Whether you are looking to dip bread, crackers, chips, vegetables, or fruit, my favorite dip recipes will help you serve the perfect appetizer to your guests! But be warned, these recipes are so si...

  • Why is the Alligator in the Tree
    Why is the Alligator in the Tree
    Science by: Spork Room Writers

    Beware the alligator that lurks in the tree. Alligators and trees need not be mutually exclusive. They can occupy the same space, no matter how unlikely that may seem. In this collection of story and verse, the Sporkers, an aspiring group of write...

  • Reflections
    General Fiction by: ProjectWrite Teachers

    This is a compilation of work created by teachers during the MSU Project Write course

  • Alex Cooper
    Alex Cooper
    Business by: Spartan ke

    Alex Cooper

  • The Invader Plays
    The Invader Plays
    Religion by: Rafael Ferrer

    Four plays.

  • Soccer, To Play or Not to Play
    Soccer, To Play or Not to Play
    Adventure by: Cole Austin

    Soccer, to Play or Not to Play is an informative book about, obviously, soccer. It contains info on the history, rules, players, and even tricks. There may be a few big words, but everything that you might, (and might not) want to know about soccer...

  • Playing
    General Fiction by: Jessica Sesto


  • Heartburn
    Romance by: Roderick Hollingsworth

    D'Amico is stuck when his former lover befriends an orphan at his own orphanage. His clairvoyance doesn't seem to help him much when two family memebers, also two of his former lovers, get together. He is stuck in a trance and can't to get out. With ...

  • love friends familes
    love friends familes
    Romance by: emma price

    love and heatbrakeing stoies

  • Tomorrow Never Knows
    Tomorrow Never Knows
    Romance by: Jenny Wren

    The sequel to "Yes It Is". A young woman struggles to adapt to a time not her own and to a rock and roll lifestyle she's not comfortable in. Every decision Maggie Sue makes can alter the future in a thousand different ways, not all of them good. C...