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  • Leeds to Libya - A Life at Sea
    Leeds to Libya - A Life at Sea
    Travel by: By Capt K Schofield

    Captain Schofield was born in Leeds in the 1930s and joined the Merchant Navy as a young teenager. This book gives a vivid account of life in a man's world at sea, and his travels to over 150 places across the globe.

  • Galveston's Haunted Historical Guidebook
    Galveston's Haunted Historical Guidebook
    Travel by: Mary Jo Urbani

    Free Guidebook! Interesting by itself or if you have the companion CD, you can follow along this book with the CD. THis will give you a great memory of your Galveston Island tour as well as some great photos taken by other island visitors like your...

  • Two Spies
    Two Spies
    Animals & Pets by: Connor Templeman


  • Hail Empress Sample Chapter
    Hail Empress Sample Chapter
    Animals & Pets by: Adam Pasztory

    Chapter 2 from the upcoming Rikkii Ruutu novel.

  • Immortal Rising
    Immortal Rising
    Adventure by: Morgan Cole

    Immortal Rising is the first installment of the Shadows Bound Trilogy. This book tells basic background and current events. Please give me your feedback so I can make book II and III better reads.

  • Jamie
    Romance by: Jessicarae Casey

    Jamie Peterson is finally done with school for the year. She finally opens herself up to love someone when an ex lover comes back.

  • John Henry Sanders
    John Henry Sanders
    History by: Dennis Ray Garner

    The information in the Family Tree Book was given to me from different family members of: (John Henry Sanders) to my best knowledge the information is correct and if not please contact me so that if any more books is printed it can be corrected. This...

  • Powerfirmations For Jessica Carter
    Powerfirmations For Jessica Carter
    Biography by: By Michael Murphy

    Powerfirmations For Jessica Carter

  • Powerful Attitudes
    Powerful Attitudes
    Self-Improvement by: Michael Murphy

    “Powerful Attitudes is one of the very best guides you will ever find. It goes beyond self-help to total transformation. To lead the maximum life with minimum strife, you need a new game plan and this is it. Michael provides a treasure trove of fresh...

  • How To Pray Prayers God Always Answers
    How To Pray Prayers God Always Answers
    Religion by: Michael Murphy

    Use this practical guide to learning how to pray prayers that God always answers.

  • My Writing Portfolio
    My Writing Portfolio
    Recreation & Hobby by: Kun Leng

    All pieces in this book are my original works. Although some might not look very professional, I just love the feeling of picking up my pen and scribbling whatever is in my mind on the paper. Then a promising outlook of future materializes in front o...

  • The Genie Next Door
    The Genie Next Door
    Recreation & Hobby by: Kun Leng

    Ugh,please, God, let them take a brief look at me now! ATTENTION HERE: my dear college admission officers!