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  • "The Pick-up" in 3 easy steps
    Self-Improvement by: Masumi Childers

    Stop being alone! There are only three steps to picking up someone. So common and easy that they are always over looked by these so called big books that "Guarantee" or claim a "Sure Thing". But my book will show you how it's possible: To pull of...

  • Dracula
    Fiction by: Bram Stoker

    Dracula tells the tale of a sinister Transylvanian aristocrat who seeks to retain his youth and strength by feeding off human blood. The author, Bram Stoker, a young Victorian theater professional, was probably inspired by the strange epidemic of vam...

  • The Man Who was Thursday
    The Man Who was Thursday
    Fiction by: G. K. Chesterton

    Two poets in a London park at sunset, debating on the attributes of poetry and whether it's really a metaphor for anarchy. A group that meets in secret, planning to overthrow the world order. Disguises and deceptions, ideals and ideology. A medley of...

  • Story Collection
    Story Collection
    General Fiction by: Masumi Childers

    Story Collection: This is a compilation of Masumi T. Childers somewhat eccentric tales. All of his fines works are featured in this book. Developed over the years 1999 to 2005.

  • Short Pieces by a Tall Woman
    Short Pieces by a Tall Woman
    Short Stories by: Ruth Bonnet

    A laugh-out-loud collection of observational essays, combined with some poignant short stories, and a couple of travelogues. Ruth has a quirky sense of humor and this collection is guaranteed (almost) to put a smile on your face!

  • Minecraft Novel
    Minecraft Novel
    Youth by: elfin8er

    This story, is based off minecraft players from the website This is only chapters one and two, as I am still working with the rest of the story.