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  • God's Just Judgment of a Nation
    God's Just Judgment of a Nation
    Religion by: James Tarter

    This book is a collection of appendices and chapter supplements to GOD'S JUST JUDGMENT OF A NATION. This entire Supplement is on the free Preview.

  • The Book of OBADIAH
    The Book of OBADIAH
    Religion by: James Tarter

    Many Christians have wondered why there is no prophecy about the United States in the Bible, because it prophesies much about the world today. In this book we can see clearly that God prophesies about the U.S. in Obadiah as the nation is about to cho...

  • Mount Zion
    Mount Zion
    General Non Fiction by: James Tarter

    This Mt. Zion is the one in Hebrews 12:22-24, which is also called the Holy of Holies in heaven and the Lord's holy throne room. This book shows how the whole book of Hebrews is really a brief exhortation for believers in Jesus Christ to draw near t...

  • The Unselfishness of God
    The Unselfishness of God
    Religion by: Hannah Whitall Smith

    For many years this book which Hannah Whitall Smith refers to as her "Spiritual Autobiography" was only available in an abridged edition because the views held by HWS on the restitution of all things were considered controversial.

  • Soy Burgers
    Soy Burgers
    Food & Recipes by: Mary Curtis

    This recipe shows you how to make vegetarian patties using textured vegetable protein (t.v.p.). This recipe is intended as an lower-fat alternative to ground beef. It is not a vegan recipe because it contains one egg; it is also not for anyone who ...

  • Lincat Catering Equipment
    Lincat Catering Equipment
    Business by: Philips Cuthbert

    Lincat is one of the world's leading names in commercial catering equipment. The Lincat brand is synonymous with outstanding product reliability; sturdy, durable construction; and first-class technical support.

  • Round top radiators
    Round top radiators
    Reference by: Pual Jason

    Round top radiators provide a combination of high heat output with stylish design to complement any environment - traditional or modern. The famous round top is a safety conscious design, with no sharp edges to pose a potential danger particularly to...

  • Grimoire
    Sci-fi Fantasy by: Scott Claringbold

    When Doctor Hugo Marks makes a discovery that may cure all diseases known to man certain factions want to steal the sample for their own purposes. A creature steps from the shadows of the night to help. Neither man nor demon Grimoire embarks on a per...

  • Southpaw Smith: Round One
    Southpaw Smith: Round One
    Adventure by: Scott Claringbold

    A tough London cop is given superhuman abilities in a botched experiment. A modern day pulp thriller with an essential Brit hero. Unbreakable meets Crank in a fast paced action adventure.

  • Cool Before Stirring
    Cool Before Stirring
    Mystery by: Doris Wampler Bass

    Margaret Ainsley learns that her CEO husband has an affair after many years of marriage. Margaret decides to go to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to allow the affair time to cool down and finds a new future for herself.

  • The Morning Rounds
    The Morning Rounds
    General Non Fiction by: Joseph Cramer, M.D.

    Compilation of columnist Dr. Joe Cramer's weekly news column.

  • Air Cooled Memories
    Air Cooled Memories
    Adventure by: Ian Miller

    A journey that led from "Exile on Main Street" by The Rolling Stones to a 1971 Orange VW Beetle. How? I really wished that I knew, but perhaps you can help me?