Latest Free eBooks

  • Sundays in the Kitchen
    Sundays in the Kitchen
    Food & Recipes by: Cheyenne Terbrueggen

    A collection of recipes for Sunday kitchen adventures. Roast something that makes the entire house smell great, simmer a stew, or make your own cheese or chicken stock.

  • Alif
    Food & Recipes by: Bradley Stoke

    Alif is a country quite unlike any you may have visited but a great deal like all of them. It is a land where the State runs the brothels, but where many liberties are proscribed. In this land, Ana takes up employment as a secretary in a State brothe...

  • More Great Writing
    More Great Writing
    General Fiction by: Walpole Writer's Group

    More Great Writing by People You've Never Heard Of is the second anthology by the Walpole Writer's Group.

  • Ten Cent Faith
    Ten Cent Faith
    Drama by: Joyce Ce

    A housewife faced with a dire need during the Great Depression put her faith into action and gave us a step-by-step method to manifest anything we need and/or desire just by exercising our faith. The same faith she used to get a dime to feed her chil...

  • The First Book of Nephi
    The First Book of Nephi
    General Fiction by: Nephi

    The first in a series presenting the books of The Book of Mormon individually and accessibly. None of the text has changed, but the fresh, friendly layout just might help someone pick up The Book of Mormon who wouldn't otherwise.

  • Savior's Day
    Savior's Day
    Mystery by: Ron Schwartz

    Savior’s Day is the gripping story about how Satan attempted to outwit God and save himself from eternal judgment.

  • The Sons of Mars
    The Sons of Mars
    Sci-fi Fantasy by: Anthony Barnhart

    Follow the lives of three characters who are caught up in a brutal war on an unforgiving frontier. Antonius, the great warrior whose heart bleeds for Rome, the great leader who is betrayed and forsaken, the great man who may be Rome’s only hope.

  • Stars Without Number
    Stars Without Number
    Sci-fi Fantasy by: Kevin Crawford

    Stars Without Number is a science fiction role-playing game inspired by the Old School Renaissance and the great fantasy and science-fiction games of the seventies and eighties.

  • The Job
    The Job
    Drama by: DL Davito

    Hard-boiled private eye straight out of the pulp fiction pages of the great 1950's era. A tip of the hat testimonial to the writers of that genre.

  • Buying A New Coffee Machine
    Buying A New Coffee Machine
    Reference by: Rachel Hansen

    Coffee machines are becoming an increasingly popular choice for the workplace. People are now more inclined to stock a larger variety of drinks in their machines. But it isn’t just coffee machines that have evolved; food vending units have moved on...

  • Sophistichaos
    General Fiction by: Albright & Co

    The next great anthology in the McKinnon Press series of Bull City writers. Authors include NATHAN AARONSON, SCOTT BARRON, REBECCA BENTLEY, ALEX BLANKSON, LILIANA BOLANOS, LYNETTE BOLANOS, CAROLINE BRANTON and others.

  • Living Faith: A Study of the Epistle of James
    Living Faith: A Study of the Epistle of James
    Religion by: Dr. Jason Boothe

    Living Faith is a concise commentary and verse-by-verse analysis of James' epistle. Those who enjoy expositional Bible study will benefit greatly from this work. The work includes scripture index and the text of the 1689 London Baptist Confession.