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  • Nina M. Osier's 2009 Sampler
    Nina M. Osier's 2009 Sampler
    Science by: Nina M. Osier

    First chapters from 2005 EPPIE winner Nina M. Osier's books, which include mainstream fiction and nonfiction as well as speculative fiction. The EPPIE was for science fiction, which is the author's first love. This is a free download. Enjoy it!

  • To the Farthest Outlands
    To the Farthest Outlands
    Science by: Nina M. Osier

    She’s young, lovely, and destined to become queen of Novaya Zemlya, an independent planet at the edge of the vast and dangerous Outlands. Before she marries her prince, though, Royal Navy Lieutenant Commander Marisol Marshwood grabs her one and only...

  • Escaping the Friendzone
    Escaping the Friendzone
    General Fiction by: Tim Houston

    Are you stuck in the friend zone with a girl you really like? Then fear not as this free handy guide will tell you all you need to know to escape the dreaded zone

  • Just the Life of Me
    Just the Life of Me
    General Fiction by: Rebekah Gebauer

    Just the Life of Me

  • Friends
    Youth by: Claire S. Derway

    When Sara and her friend, Hilda are becalmed in their Beetle Cat, unexpected friends turn up.

  • Filtered Fallacy
    Filtered Fallacy
    Poetry by: Chanelle Sauvee

    women's book of musings

  • The Huntress
    The Huntress
    Poetry by: Chanelle Sauvee

    The assets of the Huntress

  • Club Diamonds
    Club Diamonds
    Poetry by: Chanelle Sauvee

    stated diamonds in the rough

  • The Lost Unicorn
    The Lost Unicorn
    Poetry by: Chanelle Sauvee

    Defining innocence or not

  • Distressed Rose
    Distressed Rose
    Poetry by: Chanelle Sauvee

    the nature of natures

    Poetry by: Chanelle Sauvee

    a simple literary project in illustration

  • Cameo
    Poetry by: Chanelle Sauvee

    beauty and meditation