Latest Free eBooks

  • G Major for Strings
    G Major for Strings
    Mystery by: Ryan Heath

    This is a piece written for a beginning/intermediate string ensemble. It would make a very good concert piece or a learning piece. Score and parts are included. Violins need to know the G string.

  • The Story of Ellen G. White
    The Story of Ellen G. White
    Biography by: Clark de Leon

    The life story of Ellen G. white told in a very plain in simple outline, its best for kids and even adults who really wants to know who really Ellen G. White is.

  • Zavalla
    Poetry by: Miguel Garza

    Zepp Wulf's book of poems from Miguel Garza III

  • Sarah G Photography
    Sarah G Photography
    Miscellaneous by: Antonio Allegretti

    This is Sarah G, urban realist.

  • G is for Greensboro
    G is for Greensboro
    General Non Fiction by: Lindsay Bowman

    G is for Greensboro. Ebook by Lindsay Bowman.

  • The Mommy License
    The Mommy License
    Drama by: Stacy McAnulty

    Henry tries to break the rules all mommies are sworn to enforce. When he succeeds, his mom loses her mommy license and our hero must help her get it back. Story is the winner of a 2008 Writer's Digest Award.(Illustrations by a six year old.)

  • Jonathan Swift's
    Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal": A Discussion Guide
    Reference by: David Bruce

    Free download. This short pamphlet contains Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal" and a few anecdotes about Jonathan Swift. It also includes a number of questions and their answers about Jonathan Swift and "A Modest Proposal."

  • William Sleator's
    William Sleator's "Oddballs": A Discussion Guide
    Reference by: David Bruce

    Free download. A major reason to use "Oddballs" in schools is as a model for autobiographical writing. Writing autobiographical essays can be a fun composition assignment, and for some students it can be an art.

  • "A Walk to Remember": A Discussion Guide
    Reference by: David Bruce

    The purpose of this book is educational. I enjoy reading Nicholas Sparks’ “A Walk to Remember,” and I believe that it is an excellent book for young adults (and for middle-aged adults such as myself) to read.

  • Virgil's
    Virgil's "Aeneid": A Discussion Guide
    Reference by: David Bruce

    Free download. I have read, studied and taught the Aeneid by Virgil, and I wish to pass on what I have learned to other people who are interested in studying the Aeneid. In particular, I think that the readers of this introduction to the Aeneid will ...

  • Homer's
    Homer's "Iliad": A Discussion Guide
    Reference by: David Bruce

    Free download. This book is a question-and-answer guide to Homer's "Iliad," the great epic poem about the Trojan War. This book provides background information and an interpretation of the poem and is meant to be a guide for new readers and new teach...

  • Homer's
    Homer's "Odyssey": A Discussion Guide
    Educational by: David Bruce

    This book uses a question-and-answer format. It poses, then answers, relevant questions about Homer, background information, and the Odyssey. This book goes through the Odyssey book by book.