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  • Seasoned with Love
    Seasoned with Love
    Food & Recipes by: Debbie Allen

    Six generations of favorite family recipes.

  • Rosellient Heart
    Rosellient Heart
    Romance by: True Heart

    This book tells the story of an uncommon love between two hearts miles apart but together in spirit.

  • Past Legacy
    Past Legacy
    Romance by: Allyson Diana

    Women have called Andrew Whiete ‘handsome’, ‘sexy’ and ‘desirable’ all his life. Lately though nightmares are plaguing his sleep. Hideous battles where he embodies a warrior prince and passionate dreams of a redheaded beauty ignite a fire inside him ...

  • Life o'graphy of KC
    Life o'graphy of KC
    Romance by: KC Gozales

    Life o'graphy of KC

  • Midnight
    Romance by: Allyson Diana

    A modern day fairytale mystery. This is another installment in the CrossRoads Series (Past Legacy, just a kid from franklin and House on the Hill). Andrew Whiete and Camille Moore are a modern day style prince and princess only they are far apart. ...

  • scam 101
    scam 101
    Mystery by: JIDEOBI OFOMAH

    book that shows how to prevent and avoid been hit by internet fraudsters, a must read for any internet user.

  • Dawn
    Mystery by: Angela Zhang


  • About Electronic Weapons Technology
    About Electronic Weapons Technology
    Mystery by: Suz LeBoeuf

    This is a FREE worksheet about high tech weapons using strange and secret targeting techniques to harm and/or control humans. It is a WORKSHEET to learn about what electronic weapons can do to a human life. Has overlapping affects such as found in...

  • K
    Mystery by: Nick Taylor

    A story about a boy named K, always teased by everyone for his lack of emotion. He goes on a rampage, killing all who have teased him, while a detective, Sean Kolak, must stop him.

  • Clark wedding
    Clark wedding
    Romance by: oscar alexander

    clark wedding

  • The Gold Medal Mate
    The Gold Medal Mate
    Romance by: Raymond Fowler

    Reed and Lizlee fall in love and must overcome the trials of reality.

  • Rachel's Promise
    Rachel's Promise
    Romance by: Jessicarae Casey

    Rachel's working toward forgiving her sisters ex-husband when the unforseen happens. She so badly wants to fall in love, but life seems to just throw her curve balls. What has she done to deserve this?! Then Chad reenters her life and she wonders why...